Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fresh Choice

I haven't been blogging because the kids are sick and we haven't been doing anything too exciting. Our most "extraordinary" outing involved going to a buffet called Fresh Choice.

This place is perfect for the kids. Not only was it free for both Kira and Hayden (kids under 2 eat free) they also have a ton of kid friendly foods.

Kira has had ice-cream before but this is the first time she's given a cone of her own. She was actually very neat.

Of course, we had to give Hayden a taste of the good stuff. What you can see in this video is all he had. We were not ready to turn him into a sugar freak yet.

One other outing we went to was the zoo. It was a little stressful because Kira was whiny and Hayden was tired. So, I didn't take any pictures of the kids but I did capture this tender moment between daddy giraffe and his new baby.

Another reason I haven't had time to blog is because of all the crafting. I've been working on a wedding gift that needs to be done by tomorrow because we are traveling to said wedding on Saturday morning and I don't have any time at all on Friday. Here is a glimpse of my work in progress.

I hope this post finds you all in good health.

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