Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Last batch of pictures

Malls here are very kid friendly. There are lots for kids to do and there are always changing stations and nursing rooms somewhere within the mall. Apparently, they are catching on to the trend up North and are starting to make malls more family oriented. After all, a mom can't shop if her kids are kicking and screaming. So we found this play area at Brentwood Mall and spent a nice morning there.

Kira working on the maze

Through the tunnel

Kira loved this character in the bus. This is Arthur, right? When she thought nobody was watching, she hugged him, kissed him and told him secrets. It was funny to watch. (Yep, I was watching even though she didn't think I was. Mommys are sneaky.)

"Is that an apple?"


Hayden did a lot of waiting in the car while Kira ran around.

A good nap after a busy morning of play

I remember I was worried that Kira will never learn to play on her own and won't be able to climb up any play structure without help, etc. Apparently, it's all a matter of motivation and mood. She is totally capable of all these things.

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