Wednesday, October 6, 2010


If you've emailed me about adding you to my list, I have already sent you an invitation under the user name KHMama. Please check your junk mail folder if you have not received that email. You'll have to accept that invitation and log on to read the new blog. I will start blogging there on Friday Oct 8.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Secured Blog

Hello hello!

So, this is my one and only no picture blog entry. I will be blogging at a new location starting this Friday. If you would like to come with me and join this new community, please shoot me an email. In you email, I will need your gmail account name. If you don't have gmail, I think the deal is you will have to sign up for one. Otherwise, I can still invite you but it's only good for a couple months.

Once I have your gmail address, I will email you back with my new blog address.

I know it's a hassle but as the kids get older, I feel that it is more important to only share their life stories with family and friends. If you've been a lurker of langlangcreations, now's a good time to "come out". :-) It's not like a have a selection process for who gets to read this new blog and who doesn't. I just want to keep track of who has access.

Thank you!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Belated (by a lot)

I've been swamped lately. This video was taken last week... maybe the week before on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival. See, I've been so busy that I've lost tract of time.

Anyhoo, thank you so much, Emily for making my kids so so so happy. Of course, the Boy meant "emily" instead of "enemy". He had this little girlfriend a long time ago that he also called "Enemy".

I am still looking into ways to "privatize" this blog. Coming soon...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Light Green Light

Noteworthy things in this clip:

1. The Boy can be bossy, too, sometimes.
2. The Boy is understanding rules and game playing. Yay!
3. The Girl can listen to the Boy when she really really wants to play!

Other random thoughts:

1. We've been insanely busy and sick in the past week. No time to think, no time to blog, no time to play! :-(
2. I am thinking of going "private". Most of my entries now will be family oriented and will not be interesting to people who don't want to know about the going-ons of our little foursome. So, I am going to investigate what it all entails for us to become a "password access only" blog. Are you in?
3. Why is there only 24 hours in a day and why do I need so many hours of sleep? See #1. :-(
4. Just finished reading two books. One was very uplifting and the other one sad as can be. I am caught in between these two worlds in my head. I am feeling a little schizophrenic. (The two books are Calligrapher's Daughter and The Blue Notebook if you are interested in some happy and sad reading.)

That's it for now. Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Too Photogenic

I've been really wanting professional family portraits for a long time. Last May, we finally won a session at the Girl's school silent auction. A couple weekends ago, we headed out and had these pictures done. The result was ok at best. Predictably, the only person who had good photos taken was the Girl. So not fair.

Here is arguably the best picture of the four of us.

Here is a random picture of the Girl.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Pear

The Girl was never a fruit fan, so seeing her eat a whole pear all on her own made me very very happy.

She actually finished that whole pear by herself. She even ate the peel, something I am not too fond of. She is, however, very picky with her fruits. Even though she'd claim to love pears, there are only certain kinds she would eat and if she takes a bite and decides it's not sweet enough, she will make up crazy things like "it's too spicy" or "it doesn't feel good to my tongue" to get out of eating anymore.

The Boy, who is usually pretty good about eating his fruits took one bite out of the pear and gave me this face. Don't be fooled. This is a pear-is-yucky face. He wouldn't go anywhere near that pear after one bite. Why don't my children like the same foods?