Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Are Home!

Yep, safe and sound. The trip wasn't bad at all. Miraculously, both kids slept on the plane so even I caught a little shut eye. Kira is quite happy to be home and has been asking for Daddy all morning. When I explained that daddy has to work, she simply said, "No. Kiki need the Daddy." So I took her to daycare and she saw other kids and forgot all about her complaints. Hayden on the other hand seems shocked to be home. He screams every time I put him down, even for a second and that I'd be standing right in front of him. He wants to be held or to be touching me one way or another all the time. I had to let him hold on to my foot while I put the groceries away this morning. I never knew I was so acrobatic.

As I was unpacking, I found myself wanting to keep everything right in the suitcase for our next trip in two weeks. We only have summer clothes in the suitcase and it's crazy cold here so I won't need those cute tank tops and shorts until we are out East.

I have to catch up on posting some pictures I took while we were still up North. Here's the first batch. Pictures of my kids with their favorite adult entourage. These people spoiled my children like mad!! Thanks Luk family!

Gu por with Kira at Steveston Market

Gong Gong and Kiki. My mom said my uncle must owe me from a different life. When he was dating my aunt, he had to bring me on their dates (I was apparently a very clingy niece) and now I have children of my own and he babysits for me and lets my daughter send him in circles. You won't believe the demands that Kiki makes when she is with my uncle - and he lets her and obliges! Imagine what he'll be like when he has grandchildren. :-)

While my aunt and uncle both look very professional when taking care of Kira, my cousin seemed to be having a little trouble with Hayden.

One big happy family. It was impossible to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time. I took about 10 pictures of the same shot and believe it or not, this was the best one.

More pictures to come soon!

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