Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Fan Fav

Last time we came up North with the kids, Kira was just under two and Hayden was a 3 month old blob. She was charming and not so "terrible" and he was non-responsive. Naturally, she drew all the attention and I have to say that people didn't have much interest in the blob.

Things and hearts have changed. Kira is officially "terrible" and "two". Hayden on the other hand is all smile all personality all the time. So now when people call they ask, "what's Hayden doing?" "when can we see Hayden?"

Here are some happy Hayden pictures. Sorry Kira... get over your terribleness soon or you will be forgotten.

Hayden with my God parents.

"Haaaaaiiiiiiyaaaaaaa! Take it, crab!"

"Por por, you are choking me."

Big bear hug.

"I've got all the love."

"Is anyone watching?"

"Yep. I am turning on the charm."

Oh so sweeeeeet!

Finally, a short video of the boy of the day.

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