Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello from the North

Yep, we made it. The flight up North was good. Both kids behaved beautifully. Then there was the car ride home... duet screaming the whole way. I guess they were both tired. Oh well, I still consider this a success.

The kids are enjoying their time here but they are getting a little stir crazy. Why, you ask...

This is why. This picture is intentionally blurry. It's not something I want everyone in the world to see but yes, we are finally learning to use the throne. The training process has been horrible, for me. I hate it. I am incapable of it. I want to cry all the time. Kira is doing better than me. She only cries when I make her go even when she insists that she doesn't need to. I don't think she knows yet. Well, enough about this. Here are some happy children pictures.

My big eyed boy.

My friends Ricky and Geoffrey showing Hayden how to eat like a man.

A lashy portrait of Kira

Aren't they starting to look alike

This is it for now. I will try to put more pictures up later. If you are reading this and wondering why I haven't called you yet even though I am practically next door to you now, refer to the first picture. I will try and call as soon as I am not so traumatized. We'll be in town until next Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Potty training on vacation??

langlangcreations said...

Yeah... we have hardwood floors and washer/dryer here. We also have help here. When I need to help the potty training one, someone else can take the little one. Not much of a vacation, eh? I guess that's why the training is not going so well. We go out too much and can't really stick to any kind of a plan.