Friday, August 1, 2008

Deadlines met

I hate deadlines. Back when I had a job, I always liked to get everything ready way before it's due so that I didn't have to stress out the night before. That's the worse. Not sleeping the night before something big is due is worse than going to the dentist. It's gruesome. Not sleeping and not eating are my two worst weaknesses. Anyways, my point is, I don't do very well with deadlines and it drives me nuts when I work with last minute people who like to do things the night before a deadline, or worse, not meeting deadlines. So when I quit my job and become a SAHM, I thought my deadline days are over. Yet, somehow, I still always get myself into situations where I have to get things done by a certain time. Maybe that's a fact of life?

My most recent deadlines have to do with sewing. Ha! Sewing is supposed to be my hobby and somehow, I got myself into situations where I had to rush. So, I felt like a sweat shop worker this past week. Fortunately, the most important components of my sewing projects are now finished and the rest is very minor. Whew! Deadline, met.

I worked on these all week mostly because of the embroidery. I am not very good at it and it takes me forever to get things right. I still enjoyed the project and have learnt a couple of new skills. I have never made cording and have never set zippers in pillows. Now that I have these two skills under my belt, I don't think I will ever want to do pillows differently.

Now, I am feeling a little insecure about these. They are supposed to be wedding gifts and I want them to be perfect. But I've looked at them too much to be able to tell if they look good anymore.

In addition to the wedding gift, I've also been working on a wedding outfit for Hayden. It's easy to dress a girl - simply put her in a pretty dress. Boys are different. I considered getting a suit for him but those things are really expensive and he will probably only wear it this one time and outgrow it in two weeks. They also look extremely uncomfortable to wear. Heck, I can't get Brett to like wearing a suit. Hayden can't possibly want to. So, I made him a fake suit.

The only things missing are maybe buttons on the vest and ribbons on the pants to make them look like tuxedo pants. Making the tie part was super fun and super easy. I may make more.

This pretty much sums up my whole week. Not much to show for hours and hours of labour, I know. Well, we are all ready to get on the plane and fly North again tomorrow. I am looking forward to a week of sun and fun! Yipeeee!

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Janis said...

The pillows are stunning! How well I know the second-guessing, I've-looked-at-it-too-long syndrome. But they will treasure this gift, trust me.