Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eight Months Old Today

Hayden is 8 months old! In honour of his 8-m birthday, I decide to pretend to be deep and jot down some random thoughts on motherhood.

- It's been 8 months and I still marvel at how perfect Hayden is. When I hold him in my arms, he seems like the whole world to me. (It also feels like he weighs as much as the whole world.)

- I was contemplating returning to work the other day. I had Hayden on my lap while I was reading job postings. I saw a job that I thought was perfect and then I looked down. There he was, smiling the biggest smile at me and grabbing my face with his tiny perfect fingers. It sounds sappy but I really felt like I already have the best job in the world. How many people can say they love their bosses.

- Even on my worst worst mommy days, the kids still can make me laugh.

- How can I, someone with such ordinary looks, end up with not one, but two gorgeous children?! Everything about them are perfect! I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But really, aren't they perfectly gorgeous? (asks the beholder)

- Seeing the kids grow up everyday makes me appreciate the little things. Who knew, before I had children, I'd be so thrilled at seeing this simple task performed by a little blob? (For the record, Kira didn't acquire this skill until months after her first birthday. My little Hayden is so smart!)

- A friend asked me a couple months ago if motherhood is turning out how I'd imagine it to be. Honestly, I never sat around before the kiddies came to imagine what life would be like with kids. I guess I've always pictured my own mom when I imagined myself being a mom. Now that I am a mom, I'll have to say that this is the best gig ever! Although I sometimes sound whiny, frustrated, tired, sleep deprived, short tempered (Wow, thanks to everyone who're still answering my calls.) I really am loving it!

So, happy 8 month birthday, Hayden and happy 2 years 3months 16days birthday Kira.

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