Thursday, July 10, 2008

Frugal or Picky?

I wanted to buy a computer case for my beautiful iBook so we went shopping the night before my departure to Canada. I didn't see one I liked because they were all boring. They were either black, white or plain ugly. I am sure if I spend more time looking, I'd find the perfect case but I didn't have the time. Furthermore, I was not willing to pay $40 for a case. Don't you think that's crazy? $40 for a simple envelope styled computer case? I just wanted something that will give the computer a little padding for when I put it in my backpack to bring on the plane.

So, I went home and looked through my stash and found this little piece I had left from making Kira's jacket a year ago.

This is what I came up with:

It's not perfect yet. I want a case that is waterproof and have a zipper opening instead of Velcro. This works for now. I've now used all the leftover fabric from Kira's jacket. As much as I like building my stash, I also love making a dent in it. Makes me feel like I've actually completed a project.

Here is how I packed my bag. I have all the important things: computer, some diapers, a robot, a baby carrier and a toy phone. What more do you need on a plane?

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