Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We went to a kiddie birthday party this past weekend and guess who had the most fun? Me! They had this inflatable house that *kids* jump in. Since this was a private party, the "no child over this height" rule didn't apply and so I dove right in and jumped. I never knew how much I missed jumping on trampolines. This was very close to the real thing. Jumping inside this house brought back so many childhood memories. I wonder how Kira will remember it.

This is the apron I made as the birthday gift. I had Kira model it the night before and she got really into it. (it = modeling... not the apron... though I guess she was in the apron...) The apron is reversible and is based on my tutorial. Does anyone remember the bird fabric on the back side? This is all I have left of this fabric. Made another dent in my stash. Yeah!

Hayden is now big enough to go into these bucket swings.

"Weeeeee!" He is all boy in this picture.

I let my children dangle while I went off and had fun in the inflatable house.

Inside the fun house. You can see the backside of the birthday girl in this picture. I couldn't get her to stay still for a picture. She, too, loved the house.

A couple of videos of me having fun! Brett thinks I need to rent one of these for my birthday. I think he's right... and I will have a no kids rule.

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