Sunday, July 27, 2008

One Tooth

Teething biscuits are sticky, messy, scary things in my book. Kira was never allowed to be near one. When her friends used to carry one around and chew on it all day long, I stop taking her to see those friends.

In celebration of Hayden's first tooth (it cut through on Tuesday night - night of his 8-m birthday!) I gave him a teething cracker. They are similar to teething biscuits but they are crispy like a cracker and they are made of rice. They are slightly cleaner when wet and half chewed up. Look how much mess he still managed to make.



Oh and for the record, he is a beef and potato kind of guy. He loves jars of baby food beef and jars of sweet potatoes and absolutely hates peas. He will tolerate it if the two are mixed but will make a face at me that says, "I know what you are doing - don't think you can fool me. I am just choosing to be good and cooperative. Up the meat to pea ratio in the next spoonful, please."

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