Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Girls

I made a couple more girls last week.

Here is Ginger.

This is Lavender.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Candy Land and Another Great Visit

The Girl started playing board games about a year ago. We've tried Cariboo, Chutes and Ladders, and Tractor Tipping (board game based on Cars the movie). Right now, her favorite is Candy Land.

You see, usually, Hubby and I are the only people who'd play with her and after a game or two, Hubby and I get bored with the games. Furthermore, Hubby and I don't let her win and sometimes she gets quite upset. When my aunt and uncle came to visit, the Girl introduced them to the game and they played with "gusto"! My aunt and uncle really cared and they really tried AND despite their genuine efforts, somehow, the Girl always beats them. It's totally hilarious watching them play.

Here is picture of all four of them. My aunt and the Girl were playing Candy Land and my uncle and the Boy are reviewing their letters in the back.

Gung-gung: What letter is this?
Boy: M
Gung-gung: Really?
Boy: E
Gung-gung: What?
Boy: I don't know. Bye bye.

My aunt and uncle are natural with the kids. We are all going through withdrawal right now. I reprimanded the Boy this morning and he said, "I mad at you. I go tell Gung-gung." :-p Thanks for a great visit! Come back soon!

PS I thought I have those pictures of all four of you at the park near the swimming pool on my camera but they are all on your camera. So, you will have to try and email them to me! Time to review your computer skills. :-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boy Art

The Boy has not produced much art. What starts as art session for him often ends up as water play. As a result, I am only able to accumulate two pieces of Boy Art in the past two and a half years.

He made this one long long time ago for Mother's day. It involved the placement of the various pieces, rubbing glue on the paper and choosing stickers to complete the picture. This one is being proudly displayed in our kitchen.

This second one was done with the help of his daycare "auntie". He told me this is a picture of the sun. He taped this one in his bedroom and told me a million times to not throw it out. I guess he is very proud of this one.

I really enjoy looking at my kids' art because I feel like it gives me a little peek into their heads. Can't wait until the Boy sits down and really draws or sculpts or glues or whatever other art form he chooses.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short Visit

My mom just came for a short, short visit. Too short, if you asked me. Anyhoo, the kids had a lot of fun and this morning, my Girl asked me why we can't just move Por Por's city right next to ours so we can "live with each other more often".

The kids got dressed up to go visit Por Por at her fancy hotel.

Once in the privacy of her hotel room, the Boy took off his fancy jacket and jumped on a big pile of pillows.

We shopped downtown one day. It started out nice and warm but got really windy by the time we were ready to go home.

Crazy Boy.

Crazy Girl

Right before we headed for the airport, we took a snap in our backyard.

Mom: Remember you owe me FOUR days! Come back soon.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I Want My Baby Back!

What happened to my baby????

The Boy (sigh) rediscovered this monkey a couple of days ago and it prompted these pictures.

I showed him these pictures and he said, "I am not a baby. I am a goof ball!" He also asked to be put in that caterpillar shirt again. Good luck jamming your body into that shirt, Kid.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

We celebrated by going to Hubby's company annual picnic on the 3rd. It was a fun day!

Our contribution this year - red, white and blue fruit salad. It's basically an everything but the kitchen sink salad. It had cantaloupe melons, watermelons, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, apples and marshmallows.

We don't really like lines and there is always a big line for ice-cream. We got there early this year and decided to start the picnic with ice-cream. Everyone got a cone before we even sat down for lunch.


Hubby had the most self control. He only took a couple bites of my cone.

There were lots to do. After a scrumptious lunch, we headed to the pony ride. The Girl looks good on Rusty! The Boy wouldn't go anywhere near that animal.

What he did enjoy was digging in the shallow part of Lake Ewok.

I am not a fan of mud and open water, so I quickly convinced everyone it's a better idea to hit the pool. Hubby thinks the Girl's swimming lessons are paying off. She can't quite swim yet but can do quite a bit in the water without death-gripping us.

The Boy was just happy and proud that he was allowed to walk around topless.

After over an hour in the pool, it was time for another round of food.

Who knew a hot dog bun and a slice of cheese in it could make the Girl so happy.

On the way to the play area, we stopped and admired the two spanking new fire trucks parked right outside the main area.

The Girl spent some quality time with a couple of Barbies at the play area...

... while the Boy played with dinosaurs. There was something for everyone.

We even tried the hula hoop.

It feels like every year we spend an extra hour at the Ranch. These were my kids on the ride home.

Happy 4th of July! Oh... and happy belated Canada day!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting Ready For Work

So I should be getting ready for work. Reading, preparing lessons and other such things. I thought about it and actually started it. The thing is, as soon as I started, I got this overwhelming urge to craft like there is no tomorrow. Maybe that's just it - I feel like there is no tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to be working again but working means no time for all these other things that I do. Perhaps I am just anxious and expecting the whole work situation to be more demanding than it will be. In any case, instead of working, I've been "playing" hard! In addition to spending hours finished the dolls for the teachers, I finished some other long overdue projects.

Meet C. This is the BFF doll that I promised the Girl. Instead of a dress, I decided to make her kind of a bubble jumper. I have plans to knit her a jacket/cardigan for cold, foggy days ahead.

Oh... she will probably need some shoes too. Here she is in the original hair style. The Girl's friend often wears a little braid on one side of her head. The doll's hair gets so crazy messy so easily that I end up just putting a pony tail on her most of the time. I have to work on making better doll hair. Any good tips?

The other thing I finished were these bags that I owe Mrs Turducken. If you are reading this, the bags are on their way. Will probably arrive mid July. Sorry they took so long.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My Girl finished her first year of preschool and is being transferred to a different class starting July 1. I still remember filling out the four page application for her last year, fearing that we may not be accepted and she won't get an education.

On the very long application, one of the questions they asked is what I expect the school to do for my child. My answer was that I wished for the school to be an extension of my family. I wanted the teachers to be kind, loving and I wanted them to care for my girl as if she were their own. Basically, I wanted them to be me, only better and more patient. Tall order, right?

Well, I think they did it! The teachers at the school showed my Girl so much love and kindness in the past year that I am very touched and I feel compelled to do something nice for them. As a parting gift, I made each teacher a doll that resembles my Girl. I asked the Girl how each teacher is significant to her and I designed the girls based on her answers.

Meet the Girls

This is for Yeung Sin Saang. She is the Girl's Chinese teacher. She always bring flowers from her garden as little gifts for the Girl because she knows my Girl LOVES flowers. She also keeps saying the Girl makes her really really want grandchildren. :-)

This is for Cheung Sin Saang. She is the "breakfast teacher". She takes care of the Girl on the mornings that we get to the school early enough for breakfast. She's also the first teacher who gave the Boy some food when he gave her puppy dog looks. Since then, all the other teachers took to feeding him when they see him and in return, he shows them his dimply smiles and says, "ng goi sin saang", which makes them very happy!

This is for Ms Tracy, the main teacher. The Girl says that Ms Tracy teaches her to write and draw and is her favorite. The picture doesn't show it very well but I got the Girl to draw a mini picture of Ms Tracy on the pink paper as part of the doll

The is for Ms Lori. Ms Lori has a kitty cat and she shows pictures of her cat to the Girl sometimes, which the Girl loves. She takes care of the Girl when I am late to pick her up. She also always has little gifts for the Girl.

The little kitty on Ms Lori's doll was made out of paper clay and then painted. I think this was our favorite doll. The Girl and I both wanted to keep this doll and give Ms Lori something else. Some of my friends (well, I can only think of one victim, really) have had a taste of my "I got you a gift, but I love it so much I had to keep it for myself" move and they didn't appreciate it one bit. I have to admit, it's pretty scummy of me. So, I have decided to teach my daughter to be a better person than I was. We decided to give Ms Lori her doll and we'll make another one for ourselves. Here is a close up of the kitty.

This is for Ms Joanne. She is the office clerk / librarian. She also takes care of the Girl when I am late and she always encourages the Girl to read books.

The little book has a real story in it about a little princess who goes to school. I made up the story. It's basically a story that says "thank you" to all the Girl's teachers. Here, take a peek over the girl's shoulder.

Here are the girls again. They were so much fun to make that I think I will make many more. I used left over fabrics from various clothes I made for the Girl for the dresses. Most of the accessories were made out of paper clay and then painted and varnished. I really enjoyed combining so many crafts (paper, book binding, clay, painting, sewing, gluing, etc.) into one project. I have plans to make them for my shop, too. Stay tuned.