Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lucky Girl

I've been told I am a pretty lucky girl. I've never won the lottery or anything like that but things have been pretty smooth for me most of the time.

I've been working for a week now and though a little hectic, things have gone well. The kids are adjusting. It's probably harder for the Boy than it is for the Girl. He's never been away from me so much. I did feel bad the first couple of days after drop off and I still feel guilty sometimes, especially when he comes up to me to volunteer a kiss or a hug in the evening. However, I know he is well cared for and that the ladies who plays with him during the day totally love him to bits.

From what the teachers told me, the Girl is doing great. She's napping with all the other kids during the day and she's usually very busy playing when I go to pick her up. She's happy to see me but there are days when she begs for just a few more minutes of play. That's a good sign, right?

As far as work goes, I really have been lucky. I have a really great teaching load. I also get to teach all my classes in one classroom - arguably the best in the department. (Other people in my department are teaching in 2-4 different rooms.) I have a lot of space in the office and best of all, I have a fantastic view. Hubby's been asking for a room with a window for 5 years and still doesn't have one!

Classes will begin officially tomorrow. A month ago, I'd tell you I would dread this day but after a week of really thoughtful and meaningful meetings and various chances to know the school and the people I will be working with, I am quite excited to start the school year.

I am going to be greedy and ask you to wish me more luck for the next 10 months! Here I come, full time job!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Water Park

This is my last vacation post. On our last day in K-Town, we took the kids to the water park.

As usual, the Girl was all for it.

The Boy was much more cautious. It took a lot of hand holding before he would even go near the water. At one point, he was convinced that he'd just sit in the stroller and wait while the Girl splashed and sploshed.

Then, I showed the Boy he could control the water, and he eventually got into it.

They had so much fun.

At the end, the Girl basically refused to leave. She went back to say good bye to the water jets and her good byes involved hugging and kissing each jet of water. It was hilarious.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Once we got back to the city, we had party after party with other friends and family in K-Town.

While we were still rolling out of bed, getting breakfast, feeding and changing the kids, my MIL magically produced this spread for brunch.

Oh, and there were desserts. Yep, plural. DessertSSS!

Everyone had fun. Some were a little scared...

The big kids participated in dinner party preparation the next night.

After the guests were gone, the kids went back to the usual routine of running around making messes. While most people were outside, the Boy was very quiet and hidden in one room. I went to check him out and found that he had covered the room - furniture, pillows, our luggage, etc with stickers.

He was insanely proud of himself. His finest work was to plaster stickers all over his little cousin.

Strangely, this one activity was what truly brought them together. Now, the Boy has become the center of the foursome and it's just so cool to be covered in stickers. They consult him for the "rules of engagement" and what stickers should go on whom/where, etc. It was pretty funny. The next day, we went to the dollar store for some essentials and my brother-in-law bought a big box of stickers. That afternoon...


Yep, she even put one on her forehead. The funny thing was the Boy started it all but he didn't have any stickers on his body. I'd have to say he's pretty smart because getting the stickers off was a little painful. He just directed and told people where to put the stickers and helped get the stickers on their bodies. Isn't it interesting what fascinates the kids?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Night and Day at the Cottage

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming after that short break about sibling love. More pictures from our trip.

On the last evening we had at the cottage, our dedicated chefs served us yet another fabulous meal.

Meanwhile, my brother in law took care of all the kids.

That gave me time to enjoy this amazing sunset! This picture totally does not do the view justice. The sky was endless and there were so many different shades of pink everywhere. Truly gorgeous.

After dinner, we had a bonfire!

Can't you just imagine how excited the kids were?

Most of us stayed out to enjoy the fire. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy it as much because I was attacked by bugs. I still have plenty of scars and bruises on my body to show for the little time I spent outside. What I did get to do was star gazing. I am not a country girl and don't get many chances to see the stars without the city lights. I was so impressed - I saw the Milky Way with my own two eyes! I also caught a couple of shooting stars. Yes, wishes were made and they are between me and the stars.

The next day, we drove back to my in-laws' house. The Girl was very excited about the ferry ride.

What a fun week we had!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Sibling Love

We've had a very busy month and life has been super crazy since we came back from our trip. The kids were both in full time care and we had various engagements each night. Today is the first time we slowed down to catch a breath. I think the kids really miss each other. Sure they were together during our trip but they had so much going on and the cousins to play with that they didn't have any alone time with each other. Then we came home and they were at different places during the day. By the time they were home together, they were tired and cranky so they didn't really enjoy each other's company. This morning, they slept in, were well fed and were in good moods. While Hubby and I ran around taking care of things around the house, they kept each other happy. At one point, the Boy soothed the Girl by reading a book to her. It was so adorable.

Back to doing things. Maybe I will find time to put up more pictures from our trip later in the week.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We spent a lot of time in the water and on the beach. I don't have a lot of pictures because I didn't want to carry my camera when I could get wet. Here are the few that I have.

Throwing some rocks in the water in order to warm up to the idea of swimming in the lake.

The Girl pretty much dove right in. The Boy was a lot more hesitant.

We gave it another try when we went to the beach but he was still mostly interested in hunting for ladybugs (there were lots!) and making them go through his "tunnel".

The kids were so involved with what they were doing that in order to take a family shot, we had to ask our photographer to get ready. Once all the adults got into position, we just each grabbed a kid. You can see that they were not happy about being disturbed.

Here is a group shot of the three brothers and their wives and kids.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thrity Years

We celebrated my in-laws thirty year anniversary while we were there.

We all went out to town and had a fine lunch. One of the criteria when choosing a restaurant was to find some place that could accommodate all of us and that noise level wouldn't be a problem. We found this little cafe with a patio area. As soon as we got in, the Girl and the Older Cousin claimed this table as their own. These two were so cute together.

The Boy sat with the adults. He had a pretty good lunch, too. Yummy pizza and chips and a tall cool glass of chocolate milk. Pure heaven!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This picture sums up how bossy the Girl is and her amazing ability to make people listen to her.

"Why didn't you arrange this huge pile of rocks the way I instructed you to?"

Monday, August 9, 2010


Since the kids don't always bring toys outside, they played with what nature provided. One thing in particular that made them very happy many evening was cut grass.

One evening, the Girl came up with this ludicrous idea of decorating a flower plant with some cut grass.

She roped her cousin into helping.

In no time at all, it turned into a game of decorating each other with cut grass. There were four little grass people running around. I couldn't get a picture of everyone because they were moving very fast and the light was not very good. Eventually, we cornered one.

You really have to see it in person to appreciate the mess that was made. They were COVERED in grass. That night, the bath tub was filled with grass after their bath. Now, why didn't the neat freak in me put a stop to this madness? 1. They don't get to do this often. 2. I was too busy eating chocolate cheesecake.


I don't think my kids ever had this much space accessible to them at all times. They loved being outside and just run around. When they are out, they don't even bring toys with them most of the time. What a refreshing change.

The Boy loved running around with the ball. He didn't always kick it or throw it. He just loved having it.

Dinner was served outside most night. It was great because the kids can leave the table and run around when they were done and we didn't care if they made a mess. The chipmunks would come and clean up after us.

Little explorers walking around after dinner.

A paddle boat ride after dinner. So romantic to see them ride off into the sunset.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Cottage

Since there are 10 in our party this time, we rented a cottage to accommodate everyone. The main house has four bedrooms and a sun room and there is a boat house in addition. It worked out very nicely.

This is the first time all the cousins got together. The Girl and the Oldest Cousin immediately became best friends. They do everything together. If one wants milk, the other wouldn't dream of drinking water.

The Boy is learning how to be a "big brother" since the other Baby Boy cousin is a year younger than him and often like to follow the Boy around like a puppy. The Boy went from being totally freaked out to mildly tolerating it in three days. It's very amusing for me to watch because it's usually the Boy who tries to tag along with other big kids and now he is the big kid being followed.

Back to the cottage. Here is the view from our backyard.

There was a paddle boat that we used to exploring the coast.

The perfect hang out.

I really wanted to sit here and read all day. Although the bugs probably would have eaten me alive.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Thought I'd start documenting our trip.

Our journey to Canada was quite uneventful. The kids know the drill and are generally very good fliers.

The Boy enjoyed a pre-flight snack...

... while the Girl stretched out her legs and snuggled with Daddy a little.

Good thing she did because once we got on the plane, she was on her own. We got three adjoining seats and one off on the other side. Hubby and I decided instead of asking someone to switch with us, we'd just put the Girl over there. If they can't stand her, they will ask us to switch. Look at how proud the Girl was of herself and how terrified the guy next to her was!

We watched some movies and the plane started to land. It was totally painless. Even the Boy tried to use the headphones to listen to part of the movie.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Artists At Work

We had a little art session before we our fabulous vacation.

Boy artist.

Girl artist.

If you look closely, both kids were in pjs and these pictures were taken around 4pm. The week before our vacation was what I saw as my last week full time with the kids. I planned lots of playdates for them but we just had to have a pj day. We stayed home all day. We made yummy foods, watched movies, played board games, painted, played with ALL their toys, etc. It was wonderful.

Here is the art the Girl created.

This is the Boy's work.

Clearly, this post was done way after these pictures were taken. I was spending every second of my time with the kids that I just didn't time to take/sort pictures and blog. I will start my new full time job two days after we return from our vacation and that's stressing me out a little. So, in the mean time, I am just trying to relax and not think about work too much. We have spent the last three days in the Sun and swimming in the lake. It's quite ridiculous that we have to travel 5 hours by plane to get some beach and UV when we live in sunny California!

I will leave you with a picture of the proud little artist.