Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last One

Last post about the trip. These were taken at SEA. I was surprised to find this little play area close to our terminal. I was also glad we actually had time to burn. I can't imagine the fits the girl would throw if she saw this and was not allowed in. I mean she was already really tired and kind of grumpy. The amazing thing is once we were on the plane, she perked right up. She was really over tired.

Big pile of luggage

Final boarding

Heimlich? This was taken at the waiting area. I asked the girl to hug the baby but it totally looks like she is doing the Heimlich.

We didn't have any food at home so we stopped for dinner. Both kids practically collapsed as soon as Hubby started the car. The picture was taken shortly after we were seated at the restaurant. Poor kids. It was a really really long day - got up at 7, drove for 2.5 hours, played with doggies for 3.5 hours, drove to the airport, checked in and waited patiently as mommy put on her crazy contraption, took off all their gear to be inspected, got on the plane, endured a 2 hour ride, waited for luggage and finally a 40 min ride into the city. Wow!

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