Tuesday, April 7, 2009

After One Week of Practice

Here is what he can do after a week of practice. He still prefers 4 legs.

I have heard about other boys' train/car obsession and honestly, I have always thought those other parents are weak and gender stereotyping their children. Of course they'd be obsessed if you buy them 1000 trains a week. They don't know there are other toys out there. Well, Hayden has a total of 6.5 trains of which 4 came in an Ikea set that doesn't even belong to him. He has maybe 5 cars of various sizes and shapes. On the other hand, he has access to maybe 20 dolls/animals. Yet, he is train obsessed. Once he settles at a train table, it's hard to pull him away. I have tried. Each of those times, he cried huge tears like I am pulling him away from the love of his life. He didn't even care if I left, if I offered him food or if I sang and danced and acted like I was having so much fun with this other doll/child/game/ball/you name it. He simply ignors me when he is with trains. I am hurt!

Here is a random picture of the girl experiencing the ocean mommy style, by taste. :-)

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