Friday, April 24, 2009

Costco Outing

We went to Costco after dance class one day and the girl was feeling exceptionally sociable and friendly.

Before the shopping began, the children needed to be fed. I put them in the shopping cart and sat down at a corner and fed them Costco chicken wrap. The two of them demanded food with such urgency that the people who shared a table with us must have thought these kids have not been fed in days.

After a little food and smoothies, the girl wanted to hug the baby and pose for pictures.

As you can see, he is not so sure about this picture taking thing. Looks like they were negotiating. "Let me hug and make me look good and I will let you join in some big kid games later."

This was the "best" picture I managed. The baby was just not cooperating.

The girl is starting to try and be a leader among her friends lately. She would start these random weird games and rope her friends into playing. Baby, of course, is desperate to join in. Sometimes, he is happy just watching. Occasionally, she lets him join in and he is in heaven. He is so proud of himself and will do anything to be on her good side. Here is the girl making two boys very happy by teaching them this silly game.

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