Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi Doggie... no it's a bird!

Yep, it was so big that the girl thought it was a dog. I have never came so close to a crane/heron. It was such a thrill to come so close to one. I have another video of it flying away but I was so totally excited that the camera wasn't really pointing at the bird most of the time.

After we saw this phenomenal bird, we headed to the pond to see baby ducks. I saw the WORST father duck, EVER! This guy was needy, mean, impatient, attention seeking and eventually just ran off. What a dead beat dad! Somebody call duckling protection services! This is a little bit of proof that this guy bit one of its young and tried to yank it under water. The mom took care of all 10 babies and put up with this major looser. What a girl! (Am I being a little too emotional about this?)

Okay... while the videos were uploading, I did a little research. I saw a crane, not a heron. Cranes fly with their necks straight and herons fly with their necks folded. This is the not so good video I was referring to but you can see the out stretched neck when the bird was in flight. My God, the Presidio is so cool! We saw this bird on Hubby's birthday and it is a symbol of good health and luck so I am sure Hubby is going to have a great year ahead. :-)

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