Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We took the girl to her first dentist appointment. I have heard many horror stories about how a parent practically have to head lock a child in order to get the exam done. I wanted to make sure I didn't have to do that so we've been talking up this event about 3 months ago when I went to my dentist. She's told that when she is big enough, she can go see a dentist who is going to be very silly and will tickle her teeth. We've practiced many possible scenarios and when the big day finally came, she was ready. She was super excited about it and is very excited to go back in 6 months. I am glad she is so relaxed about being examined and poked at. She even said, "The dentist pokes my mouth and the doctor pokes my legs and tummy. There is a lot of poking." I am sure the boy will be the complete opposite when it's his turn. He won't even let me touch him. So in the mean time, I will just wear that, "my kid is so cool she didn't cry at the dentist's" look on my face.

Loving the big chair.

The exam.

The polish.

"I have how many teeth?"

Showing off the pearly whites. Is it my imagination? They really look very white.

Oh... another little bit of Kiraism:

I don't know what kind of gangster friends she's been playing with. She came up to me at a store the other day and asked, "mommy, what's your neighbourhood?" I ignored her the first couple of times because I was too busy shopping and then she yelled, "I said, what's your neighbourhood!" while pushing me and stomping her feet. Em... not sure how to interpret this one.

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