Monday, April 20, 2009

Mini vacation part 2

After dinner, we decided to spend some time in the hotel pool. According to the girl, this was the best part of the whole vacation.

The girl suits up for the pool. She was so excited she kept jumping up and down. Hubby thinks her earliest memories all involve the swimming pool. She loves the water.

"la... la... la... mommy hurry up!"

"Alright, I can't wait any longer. I am going to fly myself there."

Baby and the fish on his swim shirt has the same expression.

"She looks pretty excited about this swimming business. Exactly what is about to happen?"

"I suppose I can give this a try..."

Here a short video of baby's water debut.

All 3 of us in the water. It's hard to take good pictures in the pool with a point and shoot. Hubby was in the water with us too but he had to get out to take this picture. It's really hard to swim with two kids.

After such a long, action packed day. I thought the kids ought to sleep. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our pack and play and the hotel failed to provide a crib so we had to set up make shift beds for the kids. We set up a little nook for the baby between the two big beds. Being the good baby that he is, he fell asleep within minutes.

The girl got the side of the room. Being the crazy girl that she was, she couldn't fall asleep at all. She walked around and talked to herself for a long time before walking over and waking up the baby. She eventually climbed into Hubby's bed and tossed and turned well past midnight.

We went back to the pool the next day and went to a farmer's market. I still wanted to see downtown but the baby collapsed so we called it a day.

We did bring home some seriously good food from the farmer's market for dinner that night. This was our dessert.

So I'd say it was a good vacation and fun was had by all!

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