Monday, April 13, 2009

Can a 3 year old blog?

I think so! She now has her own camera so I think I am going to try and have her blog soon. Em...

"Move a little to the left."

"Now look at me."


"Let me check the picture before you move."

I am not entirely putting words in her mouth. She really did motion me to do all those thing. I wish I can upload her picture to show you what she actually shot. It's mostly the living room with the top of my head kind of in the picture. She showed it to me and said, "this one is not so good" and then deleted it. I guess that's how I take pictures of her?

The camera and sewing machine were given to her for her birthday (not by us). She received such great gifts that the girl is in heaven. She got her favorite movie on DVD, which she watched the morning of her birthday while I got ready for the party. Then she got more Ariel toys which she loves. She also got a stamp set which she shares with the baby. She wore a new pretty dress out complete with fancy underpants. Brett and I got her a board game and we could all play together. She got another princess item - a magnetic drawing board which she uses a lot. There was also a book, a coloring book and some more items that are arriving. She is such a lucky girl! Thank you for making her birthday so special. Here are some pictures we took when she was born. We've come a long way yet it only seems like yesterday we brought our tiny bundle home.

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