Saturday, April 11, 2009

What all can a 3 year old do?

She has her own notebook computer and she can use it!

But she can't walk...

But she can sense danger. She was very concerned to see that lawn right in their path.

3 year old Kiraism:

While playing with her Ariel doll, this monologue transpired:

K: Eric, I can't marry you right now. I have to check on the baby.
(walks over the Hayden)
K: Baby, are you okay?
H: ouwie...
K: Eric, he said ouwie, which means he is not okay. Well, let's just go play.
(a little later)
H: ouwie, ouwie....
K: Eric, baby has an ouwie again. He is so much trouble. You have to go take a quick nap. I will take care of baby. I love you. Sweet dreams.

Note: "Ouwie" is baby's new word. He is often not hurt. I guess saying ouwie gets him immediate attention and he caught on. One night, he sat straight up and screamed "ouwie ouwie". I jumped out of bed to check on him only to find that his eyes were still closed and he was still asleep. I totally thought he was biten by a dingo or something.

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