Friday, April 3, 2009

An Awesome Weekend

We had an awesome weekend this past week.

We went shopping on Saturday. Mommy and girl each got a pair of shoes within half an hour of mall time.

Baby tried on a pair of shoes but we didn't get it. He did get a balloon that's bigger than his head.

The rest of Saturday was pretty low key. Yummy lunch, followed by family nap time and some mommy craft time.

Sunday started with a shopping activity again. We didn't get anything but we did do some research. The weather has been so gorgeous that we decided we had to hit the beach.

Kids waiting for their ride to the beach.

"I love sand!" The girl is showing off her new sandals that were purchased on Saturday.

It was very windy and there were some big waves. Daddy went out to get some sand to build the girl her first sand castle. She wanted to go with him and I told her she had to let him know she was going. So, she kept calling out, "Daddy I am coming!" repeatedly the whole way to the daddy.

First sand castle.

Speaking of big waves, check out these ones. The boy was fearless. Oh... it looks like he was very close to the coast but really he was not. He was at least 40 - 50 ft away.

After about an hour of fun, we headed home for lunch.

"Daddy, can we order one of these? Come on, we are having such a good time. Let's make it a party!"


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your kids will appreciate all the precious memorable moments captured when they grow up. But, my question is how do you find time to post such beautiful pictures and write in detailed and hilarious (at times) descriptions?

langlangcreations said...

Blogger allows you to schedule your posts. So I just write a bunch when I have time and schedule them to be posted over a certain period while I regroup for new material and find more time to write. :-)