Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who's hiding the clay??

Who's been hiding clay from me all my life? They are so much fun. I wanted to make terrariums with the kids for preschool and a friend emailed me this. Well, I had to have those gnomes and mushrooms. So I went out and bought a bucket of kiddie clay. I was going to go for Fimo but I have never really done any 3D figure making. The most I have done was to make fake dumplings with Playdough when I was a kid. So I figured I should start with the low tech stuff before diving into fancy pricey Fimo.

I invited a friend over to help with the gnome project. We have 5 students and since clay figures are pretty fragile, we made 7. Yep, just like the Dwarfs. They may not be as cute as the ones the other person made but I was pretty happy with them. I am going to name them Earth Man for an Earth Day themed lesson. I may make them all tiny watering cans if I feel super ambitious.

After I made these little guys, I was hooked. I thought I should be able to make something with a bit more details. So I searched the mighty internet and found this. Sounds pretty straight forward. I sat down after the kids went to nap and got working.

I love how vibrant the colours are.

Again, this little dude is not as fancy as the other one but I had so much fun! All I need now is a name for him. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, I will be hogging the kiddie clay from now on. Go back to playing with Playdough, kids. Mommy wants to play with the clay.

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nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my little gnome & mushrooms!
Your gnomes turned out wonderful!!
And the big guy is awesome!!