Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My little Buddha and the Mother Load

Kira goes to daycare one day a week and I devote that day to bonding with Hayden, sewing, running errands, paying bills, managing appointments, cleaning, surfing the net, and resting. Em... I think in the end, I don't do any of those things well and I still find myself running around like a headless chicken all the other days of the week. Anyway, today is my "day off" so I thought I'd take some pictures of Hayden (since there's been complaints that I only take pictures of Kira) and do some sewing.
Smile, Hayden. He has been very smiley. For more pictures of him, click here.

Some time last week, I went into my favorite fabric store to get a yard of fabric that I saw on their website... little did I know, the shop owner had just come back from Japan. OMG!!! Japan!! They have the cutest everything. So, 20 min later, I walked out of the store with a giant stack of kiddie fabric and totally forgot about the yard that I went there for originally. But with all my new cute purchase, who needs that one yard of I-don't-even-remember-what.
A spread of the mother load.
So cute and charming.
What I call "fairy tale fabric".
A handful of "boy fabrics".
Hayden staring at my crafts probably thinking, "You are the reason my mommy doesn't spend more time with me!"

Oh... I've been told to put bigger pictures on here. Did you know you can click on the pictures once to enlarge them? Try it with the Hayden vs Sewing picture and you can see that hatred in his eyes.


T said... are right. He does look like he is really pissed off!! And look how much and how fast he has grown, holy moly!!! I could barely recognize him in that picture!

langlangcreations said...

Oh wow! This post is exactly a year ago today! Time flies.