Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick puppies and Genius

Both kids have the cold and they are trying hard to give it to Brett and I. So, the Allen household is full of sick puppies. Hayden was super cranky and poopy this morning. Fortunately, he finally fell asleep. I think he really was tired because he couldn't breath last night and therefore didn't sleep much. Kira is still in good spirits. She is still a mess but is a very playful mess.

Oh, so the genius part... how many 22 month olds do you know can operate a mouse this expertly. I didn't edit the tape at all... she figured it out yesterday watching me use the mouse to browse pictures. Notice what her little finger was doing in relation to what she saw on the screen. She was even narrated for me as she saw the pictures of her friend on the monitor.

I guess Kira takes after Daddy and both Grandpas. She is going to be a computer expert.

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