Friday, January 25, 2008

Random collection

I've been really scatter-brained lately. I don't seem to be able to finish a thought or remember a thought long enough to process it or have a discussion about it. So, to give you a little taste of what it's like to talk with me these days, here is the progression of my mind in the past 2 min or so:

I wonder if Kira has woken up from her nap yet. Is it going to be a happy wake up?

No, it's probably a sad wake up.

She sure was cute last night when she ran around the house on her own.

But then she threw a fit over nothing!
She is really starting to look like me.
Man, I hate it when she gives me that "I am so cute and you don't have the heart to yell at me" face. I am so weak!
I wonder if Hayden knows I am his mom.
Sometimes he looks so surprised to see me. But he has to know because other times he looks super happy to see me.I wonder if he knows who Kira is:
It was funny the other night when I tried to get pictures of the two kids. First they started out cooperative and even tried to pose for me:

But then I kept hitting the wrong button and telling them to wait a minute and hold on a little longer. Finally, they gave me this look:
Oh, my kids are so funny.

What's for dinner?

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