Monday, January 21, 2008

Guess what I made?

Happy Monday! First, here is funny picture of Hayden.

Hei hei! I picked up the camera and he gave me this look. What a kid.

I got some sewing time before we went out for a kiddie birthday party on Sunday. I started at 11, took a one hour lunch and finished just before 4. Guess what I made? Here is your first clue:

I think it's pretty obvious from this picture that I made more than one item.

Here is clue number 2:

It took almost an hour to finish the first pair and only 15 min when I got to the last pair. Note to self: Having a crying baby in the background increases productivity by about 300%. At the same time, stress level is increased by about 500%

Here they are! One pair of each style goes on Hayden's feet and the other two pairs will go on sale at Etsy on Wednesday.

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