Monday, January 14, 2008

Little things that's happening

We don't have anything crazy exciting going on here so I am just going to blog about the little things.

Last week in the crazy rain, we discovered the Randall Museum in the city. It's a small children's museum that's funded by the city so admission is free. It is much smaller than the one we go to in Sausalito but it's a cool space just the same. There is a maze that the kids can explore and when they get to the middle of it, there is a collection of other smaller hand held maze puzzles. There is also an animal exhibit that the kids can get really up close and personal with.

Kira explaining to me what the birds are doing in the cage.

Kira trying to convince the turtle to come out of its hiding place.

The past weekend was fun. Saturday was a complete blur to me. I think we just ran errands... library, groceries, Blockbuster, laundry... things like that. Sunday was a little more exciting. Brett invited 12 Magic players to our house for a draft. One of the players came with his wife and baby, also named Kyra, as well. It was quite a gathering. Kira and Kyra had a great time playing together while Hayden slept the WHOLE day, literally. We put him down at 10am and I had to wake him up at 4:30pm to make sure he gets some food.

This picture was not taken on Sunday but on Saturday night but I thought it fits nicely here. Hayden is really starting to sleep well for us. What a good boy.

We went out for sushi after the games and the kids came home and crashed and they BOTH slept through the night! That is a minor miracle in this house.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

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