Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dear fellow Canadians...

First of all, I have to say for the record that I love Canada. But sometimes, it's stupid rules and bureaucracy can really get you down. For example, don't you find it troublesome to have to take passport photos with all the restrictions? The tiniest imperfection and they send it right back to you which means another however many weeks of waiting and a few tens of dollars out the window. Well, here in the States, anyone can take your passport photos. I took a bunch of pictures of Hayden this morning and took them to the drugstore to be cropped and printed into passport photo size and specifications and voila, there they are. Taking a good picture of an infant is very challenging and I was glad I could take the time to do it at the comfort of my living room.
Then there are the failed attempts:

Eyes closed
Too sad... but I think they would have let me use this if I wanted
Too confused.
Cute but head tilted.

Well, there were many more failed attempts but I won't put all 40 of them on here.

After I took care of the passport pictures, I went downtown to get Hayden's birth certificate. They line was long but according to Brett, the price of $14 was a steal. He was told that in Canada, if you don't have a birth certificate and need to get one as an adult, you pretty much have to send them ashes of your house to prove that your birth certificate was burnt to ashes along with the house and then you pay a hefty $60 or something like that and cross your fingers and hope they will someday send you a copy.

Finally, I went to the post office and submitted our passport application. It will hopefully arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. What a busy morning. Now I get to sit back, relax and think about crafting... wait, I need to think about dinner first.

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