Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Good Day in the Allen Household

I think the forces above heard my desperate cry. Following a traumatic morning, I was given pretty much the perfect morning today. First Kira slept until past 8 and woke up with the giggles instead of the sad sad loud crying. Then, Hayden waited until I was all clean and refreshed before demanding his breakfast. Then, they were both playful and happy and waited patiently to go to Ricky's (Kira's friend) birthday party. At the party, Hayden slept peacefully in the Bjorn and Kira sat at the table and ate like a little lady. Yes, my children are perfect. Then we came home and were faced with the napping hour. Well, here is how it went:

I am presented with two doors, one of which I was sure will unleash a screaming monster. Which one should I choose?
I chose door number one and here is what I saw:

Okay, the room is a little messy but the angel child is sleeping. No screaming, no monster. Take a deep breath and check door number two:
Is it possible? Angel child number two is also quietly sleeping! Life is so good!

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