Friday, January 18, 2008

30 seconds of my life

This is 30 seconds of what I had to deal with last night:

So, to make me feel better, I went out with a group of moms for dim sum after baby class this morning. The kids were all pretty tired but we wanted food and we were getting food. Kira actually played quite well with Ricky and she ate reasonably well.

The restaurant is literally 5 blocks from our house and she almost fell asleep on the way home. I thought she will certainly take a good nap this afternoon but she is still in her room, crying. It's 3:30pm! At least I have one good kid. Hayden slept through it all. He slept at baby class, and woke up briefly to eat. Then he slept through dim sum and woke up again at the end to eat. I transfered him into his swing and he's been sleeping since we got home around 2. Yeah, right now, he is my favorite kid.

Oh... did I tell you how my day started?

Need I say more?

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