Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pictures Brett won't approve of

Since Brett is not home today, he probably won't get around to reading the blog. What better time than now to post pictures of things that he won't approve of.

As soon as we found out Kira was a girl (I am talking about 2 years ago, of course) Brett and I decided that she will be locked in an ivory tower until she is at least 30. There will be no boys and she won't be flirting with anyone. Well, first, I got her an internet boyfriend. (Hi Brayden) Then, I take her to playgroups where there are plenty of boys. Finally, I invite some of these boys over to play with her. Here is how they play:

And then during break time, they flirt:

I guess I will leave the locking up and the guarding of the key job to Brett.

Have a good weekend.

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Ricky said...

Looks completely innocent to me!