Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I rely heavily on playgroups to preserve my sanity. I like talking to the other moms and hearing their stories and to know that I am not alone when my kid won't sleep/eat/poo/smile/talk/climb/etc. Then, today, we had an especially busy playgroup and I asked myself, "how is this keeping me sane?" The noise, the chaos, the crying, the fighting were anything but sane. I guess somehow, I've acclimated and learnt to tune out the things that are stressful and just focus on the fact that I am out of the house and talking to adults.
Here is a short video of playgroup at a friend's house today:

Hayden "participated" for the first time at playgroup and made his first baby friend.

Kira trying to commit suicide with a power tool?????

No... she is just that girly. She turned a power tool into a beauty product - a curling iron.

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