Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good and Evil

Yesterday started out quite well but it didn't last. After her half hour nap, Kira become inconsolable. She cried and cried and asked for one thing after another and complained about every body part hurting. So, I called her the devil child. Hayden put up with it all and most of the time, with a smile. I called him the angel child.

Doesn't this seem wrong to you? The big kid with a bottle and the little one just lies there, helpless. The bottle was the only thing that stopped Kira from crying for about 10 min.

Then today, the roles reversed. Turns out, Kira was so difficult last night because she was sick. She has an eye infection that is turning into a cold. Apparently, the bacteria can attack whichever body part they like first and then finish their job with a full blown cold. In this case, Kira's eye infection started last Friday (I thought it was pretty harmless and she didn't seem bothered by it so I didn't pay much attention to it.) and by yesterday, she was fully miserable. As a result, we couldn't go to playgroup today. I didn't want to get the other kids sick. I couldn't just stay home either. I'd get way too stir crazy. So I took the two kids to the mall.

Despite her illness, Kira was most cheerful and cooperative. She waited when I had to stop to nurse Hayden and she sat nicely in the women's lounge to enjoy her lunch. She was an angel.

Hmmmm... yummy yummy corn dog.

Hayden on the other hand was a whole different story. He was wrapped up all nice and warm in the stroller and I stopped twice to nurse her and made sure his diaper was changed and he was comfortable but he just wasn't happy. He screamed on top of his lungs the whole time. Our new stroller is a double decker and most people can't see where he is and they always look at Kira like, "how can this big girl make such a baby noise?" Anyway, I had to get out of the mall because of the devil cry.
Why can't they just both be happy all the time?

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