Friday, January 11, 2008

Class in session

Baby class / toddler open gym started again after the winter break and I went with Kira and Hayden for the first time today. It's been about 5 weeks since we were last there and I was surprised at how much more Kira can do now. She is usually slow to warm up when joining a big group of kids but she went into the gym and went straight to her favorite ride on toy. We'll get to that in a minute. She played very well and even tried to defend her toys when other kids tried to take them away. Again, that's a first for her. Instead of just crying and running to me, she tried to say no to the other kids and run away from them. Another new skill that she somehow developed during the 5 week break is climbing up the slides and sliding down on her own. I never knew she could do that.
The most surprising thing was her interest in a climbing structure. Kira was never very good at the physical stuff but she tried to climb up this thing today. Granted... she never made it pass the bottom rung...
The other fun thing Kira did today was playing with the ride on toys. She finally figured out how to get in and out of the cars on her own. Today, she had a choice between a fire truck, a dump truck, a pickup truck, a police car, a taxi, a sports car, a pink Barbie car, an Elmo car, a Winnie the Pooh car, a motor cycle, a bus and a number of other animal type ride ons and she consistently chose the police car. I had no idea she was so interested in upholding the law. I mean she yells "stop" when other kids are running or driving too fast and says "pick up" when they dropped food on the floor...
oh, and her favorite thing to do while riding the police car was to try and run me over. She had a very maniacal laugh when she bumps into me and I yell "ouch". What does that say about her being a cop?

So, while Kira was having fun, what did Hayden do? You guessed it, he rode on mommy and slept.

He woke up just before the end and I thought he should try a ride on toy too. Of course he was way too small for any of the cars, so I thought I'd let him ride in another baby's carseat. (of course I know that other baby... I didn't just put him in some stranger's carseat...) Looked like he enjoyed it.
So, all in all, we had a fun outing this morning. Yeah for city sponsored baby classes!

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