Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crazy Hair

After all the blogging and other random stuff, I actually managed to sew yesterday. Here's what I made:

I think a couple of them will become birthday gifts and I will try to sell a couple on Etsy.

Kira's hair is completely out of control and I need help. It looks totally normal from the front but the back is worse than a bird's nest. I've tried combing, combing with water, putting a hat on her... nothing seems to work. I think a haircut is in order. If that doesn't work, we may have to resort to the old Chinese tradition of shaving... I know Kira's a little old for that, but what can I do?! I can't let her walk around like this. People are laughing... at me!
Crazy hair from the back.

See how the front is totally normal?

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Anonymous said...

My daughter used to have that same exact same problem when she was small...sometimes she still does. She has very fine hair. And it holds a lot of static electricity for some reason. Drives me nuts. My solution ended up being this. We bought some of that kid's hair detangler...think it's made by Suave..and sprayed it on her hair after bathtime while her hair was still wet and then combed her hair more static! =)...and best of all no more weird stares and looks...LOL...