Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is a bonus post. I have never posted twice in a day. I mean, who has the time. But seriously, I thought this day would never come and I honestly had tears in my eyes. I was touched and excited, yes, but my poor arms are finally going to get a break. Yeah!

I know... the good old days are over. I know...


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I think I've watched this oh-too-short video about 10 times. It's always amazing to see babies take their first walks because nothing will be the same after the initial toddling. I guess it’s time to put away the china. :)

langlangcreations said...

I know. I wish I have more videos of Kira's first steps. I must have a few but I don't know where they are. Maybe I should find them and do a compare and contrast post.

Even before he could walk, baby has caused a lot more trouble than Kira ever did. He got into pretty much everything and there is no shelf too high for him. He is just too resourceful. I was always comfortable bringing Kira to other people houses but baby makes me very nervous.