Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Magic Strap

If you look closely at the pictures from yesterday, you'd notice that the girl is sitting in a carseat strapped onto a luggage. Why? Because I was flying solo with the two little ones and had to come up with a way to move one suitcase, two carseats, one stroller, one backpack and two trouble buns from the luggage pick up area to the car rental area in the airport. My solution is the Magic Strap.

I wish I could say I came up with the idea of the Magic Strap except I didn't. Even if I did, I am sure people will tell me I am crazy and there's no way it would work. Well, someone is crazy enough to actually sell these straps. I wasn't sure if it really worked and I have this "I can make that!" mentality so I made my own with some heavy duty webbing and D-rings.

The idea is that you hook the LATCH system of your carseat onto the strap, which is wrapped around your suitcase.

Then, you have the options of just pulling a carseat and a suitcase around or the CRAZY option of strapping your kid onto the carseat and pull the whole contraption around.

Now, that still doesn't solve my problems. Remember I still have one more carseat, a stroller and another trouble bun? Well, I made a second strap and did this:

You see, I strap the carseat onto the stroller and then the kid onto the carseat. Push the stroller in front and pull the suitcase behind. Problem solved! Waaaahahahahaaahaaa!

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Amanda & Jeff Rierson said...

You are crazy! Please take a picture of yourself while in the airport. Amanda