Monday, March 30, 2009

That's My Mom

Somehow, I have stretched a 7 day trip to something like 10 posts. I guess the trip was just that action packed.

One of the funnest thing I got to do was to have dinner with my mom without the kids. We didn't just go out to dinner. We went to a company dinner hosted by the company my mom works for. The reason for such a gathering is to honor outstanding employees of the year and my mom was one of the honorees.

My mom worked on and off when we were kids and she worked many different jobs when we were teenagers. None of those employments is what I would call a career. Up till that point, her profession was being a mom. Then, we grew up and she found her calling. She's been at her current job for 10 years and has built a career out of it. Way to go, mom!

Top Counselor 2008! Wow!

Dancing the night away. (I don't know what's with that white circle on her head. Weird lighting maybe?)

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