Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bring On The Rain

Thanks to my mom's reward points, my kids are all ready for the rain. I got them each a pair of rain boots and a rain coat. They both love wearing the gear. The problem is, there isn't really that much rain here. It's been raining a bit lately but a lot of the times, I dress them up in rain gear and we'd get 3 drops. They'd be in for a real surprise when we move somewhere with real rain seasons.

Oh... the fact that baby is wearing boots doesn't mean he is walking. We've been saying he's walking any time now since Christmas and the boy is just not doing it. He has broken the girl's record of not walking until she was 15 months. But seriously, he NEEDS to walk soon. My arms can't take him much longer. He is about the same size as the girl and carrying him is way more of a workout than I can handle.

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