Monday, March 23, 2009

Theory And Practice

The last post was written before I took off. This picture was taken on my way back. Yes, I survived!

This video was taken right before I set out on my epic trip across SEA. We went from the baggage claim to the car rental desk. I was then informed that I had to go to the elevator, go up, walk across this walkway, get back down on the elevator, walk to the nearest island and wait for the shuttle to pick us up. Essentially, we were just crossing the street but the street is part of a highway and had high fences so we couldn't just cross. I couldn't find the elevator, didn't know which floor to go up to and didn't know which floor to come back down on. So, I walked around in our crazy configuration for about half an hour. Aside from the confusion, the actually moving from point A to point B was not that difficult. I am even considering joining the circus. :-)

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