Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun At The Zoo

We spent some mommy and Kira only time at the zoo on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. We went to the petting zoo and rode the steamer train. When occasionally I have only one child to care for, I marvel at the ease of it. Why on Earth did I make such a fuss when I had only Kira? Taking care of one kid is so easy and actually, pleasant and fun. I guess now I will have to have three kids so I can appreciate how easy it is to care for two. Quick, someone call 9-1-1! I am sure someone's having a heart attack as he reads this. :-)

These prairie dogs were being super cute:

Here is a closer look at them:

A shot of Kira on the Little Puffer. She reminds me a lot of my grandma in this picture.

A view of Kira waving at her royal subjects from the train. She did a fine job waving and saying, "bye bye, people".

A tender moment between the little lovers. These two are so funny. One wakes up from nap and runs and cries and says, "I need to see Dylan." The other hears that Kiki is outside waiting for him so he runs out bare feet calling, "Kiki, Kiki!" Very Romeo and Juliet of them.

A picture of Kira saying, "hi goat". She got very friendly with the animals in the petting zoo. She even fed the goats and sheep today. I was too nervous that the animals were going to bite her or run her over to take a picture. I'll try to do that next time.

After she fed the animals, she decided their living environment was not acceptable. So she took it upon herself to clean up the zoo.

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