Thursday, June 19, 2008


Okay, this was maybe the cutest robot at the show and definately Kira's favorite. His name is Pleo and since we'll never buy Kira and Hayden a dog, he is officially on our wishlist.

Kira was so attached that she went back to it again and again eventhough Pleo was not really on display. One of the guys running the tournament happened to have one and brought it along. After being mopped by kids, the guy picked up Pleo and wanted to put him away. While he was hugging Pleo, Kira got around to the other side of the booth where he sat and since she couldn't reach Pleo, she just patted the guy. I had to remind her that he is a real person, not a robot.

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Anonymous said...


Someone from this site:
uploaded a violent video on youtube of the popular and lovable
Pleo the baby dinosaur robot being mutilated and
decapitated and found this to be very disturbing. Can you
please check out the clip (I couldn't bear to watch after
seeing him get hit once and go flying) and do something
possibly to get it removed? There are many there commenting
how sick, sad and violent it is. Even the kids watching the
tournament in the clip. Time to wipe out evil and terror from
the earth. For the love of Pleo, I hope you can help!

Here is the video clip. Not a nice one.