Monday, June 16, 2008

Kiddie Crafts

Happy belated father's day. I hope you all had a wonderful time. We went to the Robogames which was quite interesting. I have quite a few videos so it will take some time before I can sort them out and put them up. I am planning a robot extravaganza week. Brace yourselves!

In the mean time, I want to talk about kiddie crafts. The first thing I think about when I plan a kiddie craft for Kira is the mess factor.

One of the messiest things that is often needed in a craft is glue. Kira is not strong enough to smear the glue from a glue stick onto paper and when she does, she has no control of where the glue actually goes. In the end, everything gets sticky and if I had glitter or anything like that around, they will be around for a long long time. So, I've discovered the beauty of double sided tape! Check this out:

I cut out a bunch of felt hearts and mounted double sided tape all around this paper frame and let Kira loose. She did quite well putting the hearts on the frame. All I had to do was the make the frame and fill in a few of the holes she left at the end. She needed me around to keep her working on the project but other than that, she really did most of the work herself. So, this is what I call neat craft. Another thing that is just as ingenious double sided tape is contact paper. I am going to plan a contact paper collage for her soon.

Now, on the messy side is of course paint! Oh My God is it ever messy. You've seen some of Kira's messy paint pictures. Well, since it's so messy, I thought maybe Hayden should have a go at it. Makes no sense, eh? Well, I had help. I brought him to a paint your own pottery studio and my mom and the shopkeeper were there to help. It was messy but he was so happy.

Look at how proud he is of his "work":

Here is what he did... what he allowed us to do:

This is the bottom of a butter dish. Here's the whole thing:

How are these things related to the opening "happy belated father's day"? Well, these are the kiddie crafts that were given to Brett. You've been a great dad, dude!

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