Saturday, June 21, 2008

Learning Curve

I know I said I was going to post more about robots but that has to wait.  I got a new computer,  a Mac, which I haven't used in a long time.  I am trying to learn to use it as fast as I can but there is so much stuff and I become very schizophrenic and dabble here and there and end up not remembering a thing.  The most important to me right now is learn to use iPhoto and iMovie which is essential to blogging.  Apple has their own blogging tools and hosting system and all the tutorials I could find revolved around that so I have to figure out how to keep using blogger myself.  I am sure it's easy but I don't know yet.  So, in the mean time, I will blog about whatever I can manage. 

Here is a random picture of Hayden... I am learning to put up pictures.


Oh, and speaking of learning curve... Hayden is learning to move.  It's weird.  He figured this out one day.  Did it a million times that day and hasn't done it again since.  You can hear my excitement in the video.  Now, I am trying to get him to do it again.  Do you think his learning curve is just going to shoot straight up and he'll be walking by next week?  

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