Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The New Ghirardelli Square on San Francisco Bay

We went to the opening of the new Ghrirardelli Square on Saturday.  There were some fun activities such as wine and chocolate tasting and kiddie crafts and live music and cooking demos.   Here is Kira participating in the turtle painting:

Hayden didn't really know how to paint but he participated just the same.  He slimed the turtle and chewed on the wrapping paper.  How proud does he look!

It was a fun little activity for us all on such a hot hot hot day.  Did I mention it was hot hot hot on Saturday.  Seriously, global warming.  SF is usually sad, gloomy, foggy and simply cold this time of year but it has been so sunny and hot.  I mean hot by anyone's standards.  I think it was 85F on Saturday!  That's 29C for all my Canadian friends.   Anyways, I am not complaining.  I love the heat.  In fact, I got sunburned and I am still quite happy about it.

We spent most of our time at this posh new kiddie gym where Kira played and I enjoyed the air-conditioning.  This place is called Peekadoddle Kid's Club.  A monthly membership cost something like $110.  It includes unlimited play time for the kids and some exercise classes for the parents and for additional $$, there are various classes for the kids as well.  The place is designed for babies up to 5 years.  We are, like, their ideal target consumers.  Usually, the place is members only but they opened the facilities up for anyone who's interested so Kira and Hayden got their chances at being super hip North Beach diva kids.  The funny thing is they were both dressed perfectly for the part.  

Check out the diva serving tea:

This little kitchen area they have set up is so girly.  I don't think I've ever seen a kitchen this pink.  Of course, there are other more manly playing areas but Miss Kira was not interested.

Oh, she also liked the slide:

There was also a pre-crawler play area:

Finally, they had this contraption that Kira was completely obsessed with:

So, I'd say the kids had a good time.  They were so funny in the car on the way home.  One bonked the other on the head with a balloon and the other one just laughed and laughed.

Finally, to finish our fabulous day, Kira woke up totally silly and we took the kids to the mall and bought me a new computer.   How's that for a random Saturday.

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