Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I often see on other blogs that people find great things for dimes at garage sales and thrift stores.  I have never had that kind of luck... until Saturday.  Come to think of it, Saturday was a really good day for me.  Anyway, before we headed out to the Ghirardelli Square, Brett mentioned that there was a garage sale just at the end of our block and they were selling sewing stuff.  While he was getting Kira ready, I thought I'd take Hayden to check it out.  I saw maybe a couple of chairs and one or two boxes on the sidewalk from a distance and thought they either didn't have anything to sell or that they were all gone.  The sale started at 9 and it was close to 1 by the time I got there.  But then, there it was, a box of sewing books, a bucket full of sewing patterns and a couple boxes of random sewing stuff.  That's pretty much all that was left at the sale.  It was as if they were all put aside for me.  Now, I will show you what I got and what I kept and see if you can guess how much I paid for it.

The bucket of patterns:

Mid-sorting of those patterns... boy was I overwhelmed.

Some fun stuff I thought I may try from some books I got:

The "keep pile" includes a bunch of books, some patterns, some notion, some pre-cut fabric pieces (looked like this sewer was in the middle of making a quilt but she never quite finished it) and a giant roll of batting that is not included in this picture. 

How does $5 sound for all this?  

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, great score--I love the fabric hearts!