Thursday, June 12, 2008

In-home Personality Test

Have you ever done one of those Ink Blot personality tests? They show you a picture like this:

Based on what you see, they can determine you mood or your personality or your intelligence or what not. I don't know what the above picture is supposed to tell you but I had an in-home test experience the other day.

Now, looking at this work of art, what do you see?

Well, for me it depends on what I saw before I saw that picture. When I first walked into the kitchen, this is what I saw - notice the paint that is dripping over her mouth and eyes.

So, my first thoughts after looking at the picture were: murder, massacre, slaughter. Rather intense, don't you think.

Then, I calmed down and cleaned her up and she played on her own for a while and came into the kitchen calling, "mommy, look at me. Pretty." and I saw this:

I laughed out loud, really loud. Now I see a beautiful phoenix flying gracefully.

I guess there is something to these ink blot tests. Maybe they are supposed to reveal something about your mental state.

Now here is another test for you. Looking at this baby, what do you think he is doing/thinking?

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Anonymous said...

y r u staring at me