Thursday, June 5, 2008


Back when my friend Kristin came to visit, she bought me a pattern. It's probably the shortest pattern I've ever read for an adult garment. It has a total of 9 lines and is kind of a miracle pattern.

When I was finished, it looked a bit like a rug.

Here is my little model strutting down the runway.

Another knitting project I have completed is this little mouse. I don't know where Kira gets these things but a few days ago, she declared that Kiki is a silly mouse. So when we were reading this book:

She came across this pattern and said "ha, ha. Silly mouse funny. Kiki wants it." Being the sucker mom that I am, I started making it. Unlike the miracle pattern, this one is a pain to make. It's not that the pattern is difficult, it just has a ton of finishing sewing to do which I hate. Anyway, here is silly mouse posing with this beauty (not the bananas) that showed up in the mail on Monday. Thanks Jan and Garry.

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