Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So Much Whining...

It may sound like I am whining but I am not. Well, maybe I am. I am whining about whining.
Kira has been so so so difficult lately. She throws a fit over just about anything. We had a big battle this morning where she wanted to cry and I didn't want her to. She cried about not being held, being held wrong, not being able to climb on the sofa herself (I let her... she just couldn't do it) not getting mangoes, not getting cookies, not being allowed to cry, etc. You get the picture. I just kept yelling... I mean saying nicely... don't cry, just use your words.
A good 40 min later, she calmed down and we had a make up hug. I told her I still love her but she can't cry all the time. She said she understood. I asked her to say, "Kiki no crying". She totally got what I was saying but she refused to come to terms with this new no crying policy.
So, I sat there with her on my lap repeating the words, "say, Kiki no crying" and she just asked for food, for play, to go out; basically whatever she could think of but she simply won't budge. After 15 min of my insisting, she finally said "no crying" very grudgingly. I considered it a win for me even though all that hard work meant I was an hour and a half late to meet up with people at a playground.
Does anyone have a magical solution to our crying problem? It's been going on for 3 weeks now and my patience is running out.

Hayden on the other hand has been a dream. He is always waiting quietly for his turn while Kira is demanding one thing or another. He's been chatting a lot. Here is a little video of him waiting on his chair while I ate and cooked.

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